Preassembled & ballasted
photovoltaic units

for flat roofs and open areas

Drastic shortening of the assembly time

The panels and substructure are completely preassembled and wired.

For flat roofs with 5° pitch

The FastPV system can be installed on all flat roofs up to a pitch of 5°. Installation on the ground is also possible.

50% reduction in installation costs

The high degree of prefabrication saves time and costs for assembly on the roof.

No spot-drilling on the roof

Assembly is done without damaging the roof.

Relieble Design 

The innovative planning tool  allows PV projects planned quickly, reliably and exactly.

Easy (self-)assembly

You can select PV panels yourself

The PV panels used are not specified by the system.

Simple dismantling

for any repairs

Project planning & delivery

During the first visit, the structural conditions on site will be surveyed. Specification of the system dimensioning and site analysis will guarantee optimal energy generation using the new PV system. Clients are free to choose whatever photovoltaic panels they want. We would be happy to advise you here.
After clarifying the legal framework, such as local building regulations and any required approval procedures, the FAST-PV system components will be premanufactured so they are ready to assemble, and then delivered.


Reliable design using
widely known planning software


Customer selects desired PV modules


Electrician creates a
string plan


Fabrication, ballasting and wiring, incl. module test


Delivery in environmentally friendly returnable containers


Quick assembly of prefabricated units


Layout of ready-to-operate units on the roof


Connection of completely laid and wired modules

Case Study

The assembly of 273 kW (peak) of photovoltaic power on roof of Edelsegger GmbH in Ybbsitz only took 1.5 days.

The 3D model, generated by means of a drone flyover, shows the installation.

What makes FAST PV so special?
Up to 4 PV modules are lifted onto the roof all at once, completely assembled, and they only have to be wired. This saves a considerable amount of time during assembly. Systems with total power of up to 300 kW can be installed in one day.
Where can the FAST PV system be used?
On the flat roofs of any industrial and commercial substructures up to a 5° pitch.

The system is also perfectly suitable for open spaces. They can be easily placed on a base layer.
How high are the costs?
The price of FAST PV is comparable to all other ballasted systems, but could also be less expensive, depending on the roof statics, snow and wind load.

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